What areas does Addis Construction build in?

We build primarily in Nothern California. Please call our office to determine whether your property is located in our service area.

When should I contact Addis Construction to start my home?

We recommend you contact us as soon as you have made your decision to build a custom home. We will discuss your concept and ideas for the project including basic layout and style preferences. We will assist you in defining how the living spaces in the floor plan will be utilized for your individual lifestyle. By visiting us early in the planning stages of the design process, we can offer invaluable design and building recommendations that will fit within your budget.

How much will it cost to build my Custom Home?

The price of building a custom home or remodeling project can vary dramatically depending on style, materials, typography and location. Our goal is to identify your needs and assist you with a detailed budget so you will have all the information you need up front to make informed decisions.

How does Addis Construction Custom Home’s prices compare to other builders?

We’re very competitive in our pricing compared to other quality builders in our market place. We consistently exceed the expectations of our discriminating clients. We take personal pride in every completed project as if we were building it for ourselves.

How long has Addis Construction been building homes?

This is the most commonly asked question in the building industry…
The better question to ask your builder is – what was your background prior to becoming a builder? Do you have any hands on experience such as framing, interior trim or foundation work? An experienced framer is the one person who is the most knowledgeable of residential construction. If your builder’s introduction to the industry started at the closing table, then you should rethink if you have chosen the right person to build your dream home. Many of today’s home builders come from non-construction backgrounds with no actual hands-on-experience of home construction resulting in the poor quality of homes that you often see today! Tewolde Berhane, Owner/Builder for Addis Constructio has over 25 years of hands-on construction experience including framing, interior trim and drywall work.

How is your business since market conditions have changed?

Addis Construction is as busy today as we were prior to the slow down in the market. A purge in the construction industry has not inhibited our company’s performance in any way, we are actually busier today than in previous years. There are reasons why companies like Addis Construction continue to thrive in slow economic times like this. We believe the primary reason is because we have built our company on a foundation of Honesty, Integrity and Quality. We always put the client first and personal gain second.